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Every cell in your body, from your brain to your toenails, contains the same DNA, or genome. So what makes different cells perform different functions? The answer lies in your epigenome, a higher level of complexity within the cell. The epigenome consists of DNA packaging material and works as a series of genetic switches. It determines cell function by signaling your genome which genes to turn on and off.

The epigenome also influences how well each cell functions. In the epigenome, the right lifestyle choices trigger healthy gene expression — the healthy genes get switched on, the unhealthy ones get switched off. So while you can’t change your DNA blueprint, you can influence the way that DNA expresses itself.


Nutrition is at the center of it all. And the soy peptide lunasin is the first dietary ingredient identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level. With lunasin, you really can take control of your health.


What is Lunasin?


Lunasin is a peptide derived from GMO-free soy that works at a genetic level. Dr. Alfredo Galvez discovered  it in 1996. It has a unique ability to lower cholesterol and help prevent cancer. This miracle substance is now utilized by many people for a large variety health issues with much success.


Health Benefits of Lunasin:


Cholesterol management

Inflammation reduction

Antioxidant benefits

Improved immunity

Cellular health

And the list keeps growing


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How to get Lunasin?

Lunasin is marketed only by Reliv as LunaRich X. The product is available in our office and online (use RCN# 7913670101 for a discounted price.)


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