In early 2018, at the age of 77, I was diagnosed with IPF. The symptoms were shortness of breath and violent dry coughs throughout the day due to Pulmonary Fibrosis. I had the MRI scans after complaints of getting out of breath for over a year. I also had constant sinus drainage and even though my physician found no known allergies, he still concluded I was allergic to something. I was on oxygen 24/7. My other health problems were High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and a Thyroid Disorder.  


After evaluation by Ela  I started taking Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer in February 2018 to provide necessary nutrients to help repair the lungs structure and enhance their function. I have been on the protocol for 6 months (currently Aug 2018). ClearLung was added as needed to clear out gram-positive bacteria, viruses and inflammation in my lungs and to reduce my coughing bouts. In March, I started seeing improvement in my dry cough with more productive coughing with phlegm. In May I only needed to use oxygen 50% of the time and my phlegm was light brown in the morning turning into clear mucus during the day. In July I was able to get off of oxygen completely. 


It's August 2018, and my breathing is stronger, only occasionally I had to use oxygen when the weather in Southern California is affected by the humidity or the recent fires. However, overall, the herbal treatment has brought great improvement in my symptoms related to Pulmonary Fibrosis.


– George P, CA

EFT, Lung issue

Ela, I am grateful for your nudging me to explore the EFT. I have read that and watched the videos and that led me to find some other videos as well that have been a great help to me. I didn't even realize how low in energy, or bad energy, that I existed in, only sometimes bobbing up for good energy, but mostly spending time drowning in negativity.

I have, since our last conversation, gotten much better with the cough and mucus. I am also back down on oxygen use. I have also been again feeling clean and supple in the lungs. 

I'm also realizing that my greatest difficulty now is lack of endurance from sitting around for the past year. And that is easily remedied. I am grateful for my healing.


– Ona K, MI

Fears, food cravings, weight loss

Our experience with EFT has been one of a few to remember. Both myself and my daughter had a fear of elevators. We would have to take the stairs instead. One day we were coming for a homeopathy session with Ela and she caught us out of breath outside of her office, which is on a fourth floor, after we climbed the stairs. When she learned about our fear she did EFT on me and my daughter right there by the elevators and we ended up to our disbelieve taking the elevator down and then up without any fear. Since then we enjoy the freedom of using the elevators and I also lost some weight by using EFT with Ela on my cravings for sweets.


– Rhonda B, Aliso Viejo, CA

Depression, anxiety, chronic pain

 My husband had depression, anxiety and chronic back pain for most of his life. As he got older he developed high blood pressure, heart disease and eventually diabetes. He was not a happy person. As his illnesses progressed he was put on the standard medications for all these things with not much improvement. We turned to homeopathy for help. He had seen five other homeopaths during the period of five years before he starting seeing Ela.


There was no significant improvement with the previous treatment because his arteries kept getting worse and stopped going and he needed the surgeries. The first surgery that he had was oral. The next surgery was a heart bypass. The surgery went very well but after about five months his depression became suicidal. He was treated for the depression with psychotropic drugs and slept for almost a year and gained back the 70 pounds. After this he slowly descended into anger and extreme depression.


I convinced him to see another homeopath and that is when we met Ela. And we were glad we did. He slowly started to wake up. But it took over 3 years of her homeopathic prescribing to restore my husband’s health to an optimal level. He is now a sunny, good natured, adorable man as he used to be before his health had started to deteriorate. He is now off of most of the drugs he used to take. He lost weight and quit smoking. He takes interest in life again. Thanks God for homeopathy. 


– Jodie P, Sunland, CA



Dear Dr. Corcoran,

I have come across many homeopaths in the US and have heard about others from family and friends. You are by far the best one and I feel blessed to have you as my family doctor. You are so helpful and always available.


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help.


Thank you,


– Nusrat K, Laguna Hills, CA

Depression, fears

Hello Ela Corcoran, I had  my remedy you prescribed last night.  It was like magic,  POOF! 


Right away I was feeling so awake and all I was thinking about was that life is good, life is good. Before, I was feeling gloomy, sad and depressed, like a black shadow was following me 24/7.


Especially the negative monster that was telling me what to do in my head. It was scary I felt weak and kept on thinking that I shouldn't be living. So I did the EFT and I'm sure it worked a little, too but not as much as the remedy.


Thank you so much for everything you have done, I love you.  


PS. If the negative monster comes in my head again, I will make sure I contact you.


– Suha A, Laguna Hills, CA

Sleep problem, lack of concentation

My 7 years old son suffered from sleep problems, anxiety and fears. He was very restless and had problems concentrating at school. His problems vanished after only four EFT sessions he had with Ela. He can know sleep through the night without frequently waking up,  he is not restless any more and has better concentration at school. He liked his EFT sessions and was sad when we stopped them after he got better. He is now using EFT by himself on a daily basis when he experiences any negative emotion. I am so grateful for the quick results that EFT produced.


– Sharon S, Coto de Caza, CA

Digestive issues, constipation

My digestion has improved dramatically since being treated with homeopathic remedies and the nutritional plan I was put on by Ela. NATREN's probiotics made a huge difference to my regularity. I am very happy with the results I'm getting.


– Doris G, Whittier, CA

Chronic Kidney Condition

A 54-year-old female presented with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease. Her kidney function has been steadily declining for the last 12 years under her primary care physician. As of February of 2018, her GFR was 27, Serum Creatinine was 2.04 mg/dL and BUN was 28 mg/dL (normal range GFR >90, Serum Creatinine 0.6 - 1.1 mg/dL, BUN 7-20 mg/dL). The patient had anemia with hemoglobin values of 11.9 g/dL (normal range 12.0 - 15.5 g/dL) and had been on iron tablets and vitamin D. The patient was once on 5 different blood pressure medication, currently on 3 blood pressure medications, but still suffered from high blood pressure, 160/80 mmHg (normal 120/80 mmHg). She was overweight at 198lbs, 5’ 3” tall. Her main symptoms involved feeling fatigue and often felt she had no energy. 


The patient sought out Ela in hopes of a better solution. Ela advised the patient to make lifestyle and dietary changes such as eliminating red meat, soda, and sweets in addition to some supplements to help improve her digestion. She was also put on Wei products to help improve her kidney structure and function which consisted of LC Balancer, Xcel, KS and Formula C at full dosage and Anemic formula at ¼ dosage. 


Within 2 weeks of the programs, the patient reported that she was feeling less fatigue and had a surge of energy. On March 1st, 2018, the patient reported that her blood pressure was around 112/68 mmHg and 109/62 mmHg. This was very surprising to her and her cardiologist because it had been such a long time since she had normal blood pressure and was suggested to keep on the program. Due to this, her cardiologist took her off of one blood pressure medication as she no longer needed it. The new dietary changes also helped the patient lose 19 lbs. during the first month. 


– Crystal R, Bethlehem, PA


COPD, lung issues

6 months ago I was diagnosed with COPD with 55-60% lung capacity. My doctor just said  all the crying , stopping your feet will not change it so just accept it and basically patted me on the back and sent me home to die.
I was devastated and was afraid to do anything. I stopped riding my bike, I was afraid to do anything that would cause any exertion. It consumed my thoughts with every breath and the fear of what to expect was almost more than I could deal with.
I was determined to do whatever I could at least to slow the deterioration down. So after about a month of research I ran across a company called Wei. I read other people success stories with using LC Balancer, Soup A & Soup B – an all natural products.

After reading more testimonials about the products and after more research on the company I reached out to a consultant to learn more and to be advised on how to use the products. I am so glad I found Ela Corcoran, who created a protocol of products and their usage for my condition.

After only 3 days on the products,  my daughter and I had gone camping and we hiked 2 miles that day and I was amazed at how much better I felt.


I continued taking the products and would have good days and bad days. But by the starting of my 3rd week I had to finally set my alarm to remind me to take  the product or I would forget, my breathing had improved so much and I found myself not needing my inhaler everyday. By the beginning of my 4th week I feel I have improved 50% and have been advised on my second month protocol. I am hoping by the end of the second month I will be able to stop taking the products or at least just have a one more month of maintenance.


I went to see my lung doctor when I had started on my third week and he was truly expecting me to have become worse. He was amazed at how much I had improved. He wanted to know what I was doing to be so much better and I just told him, exercise and positive attitude. And feared he might discourage me from using the products.


Anyone suffering from any type of lung disease I highly recommend giving these products a fare chance, they really work!


I also want to thank Ela for all her support and guidance.
– Lynn R, Plano, TX

Cervical spur, migraine

Before I started using Wei products some days I could not even drive or remember things because of continuous pain caused by the spurs in my neck (C1, C2, C3 discs). I was having neck pain; on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worse, my neck pain was an eight. I was having severe headaches about 3 to 4 times a week. A few times I ended up in the ER because of the severe headaches, vomiting and being very dizzy. My activities of daily living were being affected tremendously.


After only two month of following the recommended protocol received from Ela Corcoran at Proactive Health, using Wei patches and LC Balancer, I have had only two mild headaches since and I don't have dizziness anymore. The neck pain is pretty much gone. I am pretty much independent again. I am now on the third month of the protocol to complete the healing.


– Tracey S, Flippin, AR

TMJ, joint problem, surgery

Dear Ela,


I couldn't wait to let you know that yesterday the doctor said he knows now that the reason my joints became arthritic and diminished in size was completely due to the way the original surgery to address my TMJ was done – not anything that is indigenous to me. He doesn't usually see such optimal results like mine from a redo surgery and he is amazed that my joints are so stable.  I'm excited to share with you that he said it is a miracle that my jaw joints are functioning so well! 


My experience with homeopathy is that it works with the whole body encouraging long-term benefits. Coupling that with your knowledge, experience, and ability to put your heart into it sets you apart from the rest. 


Thanks be to God for the gift He gave you in having such a caring heart for homeopathy - and the gift He gave me in your sharing that with us. I'm so grateful.




– Carol W, CA

Depression, anger

I have been fighting depressive mood for as long as I can remember. I used to be angry and depressed most of the time. I have had various forms of treatment, including drugs and psychotherapy, without any lasting results, not mentioning that the drugs made me feel even worse. A few sessions of EFT accomplished a miracle. My depression is gone and I feel like a new person. Thank you, Ela.


– Peter G, Anaheim, CA

Homeopathy, surgery

The doctor said when he looks at me he keeps thinking the surgery was longer ago than it was, because I look so good for only 10 weeks. I'm ACHING to tell him why. It's a testimony to you and all the help you are giving me in homeopathy.


Love to you, 

– Mary Ann, CA

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