Brown Juice

The Brown Juice (Formula) is a herbal remedy that helps support liver structure and function integrity and facilitate the liver damage repair process.


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Note: At a full dosage one bottle of Brown Juice in capsules is a 7 day supply, one bottle of liquid is a 10 day supply.


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Product Description

Brown Juice also support the health blood lipid and sugar levels, menopause process and liver detoxification, and increase tolerance to stress. It also strengthens immunity against viruses.*
-Designed to promote the liver health and enhance the liver function to metabolize lipid, glucose and heavy metals*
-Helps maintain good lipid, protein, triglyceride, blood pressure and cholesterol levels*
-Helps repair liver damage caused by pathogens and chemicals*
-Helps manage menopause and stress symptoms*
-Supports proper bowel movement (constipation)*
-Facilitates repair to damaged spinal cord and brain*
-Strengthens immune system's ability to fight against viruses*
Product Info:

Available in liquid: contains 1000ml. Needs refrigeration at all times.

Available also in capsules: contains 63 caps.

One bottle of capsules is a 7 day supply, if taken at manufacturer's full recommended dose of 3 caps, 3 times per day.

One bottle of liquid is a 10 day supply, if taken at manufacturer's full recommended dose of 50 ml 2 times per day.


A proprietary blend of:
Fructus Crataegi, Fructus Lycii, Rhizoma Alismatis, Rhizoma Polygonati, Semen Cassiae

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