Holistic Detox

Detox or “cleanse” are very broad terms in today’s healthcare community. Many types of detoxification programs claim to help with a variety of health goals: losing weight, reducing fatigue, improving mental clarity, and much more. What does it mean to “flush out toxins”?


Our bodies are designed to get rid of toxins, so what are generic detox programs actually doing?  A basic detox can be achieved with a change in lifestyle and diet. No one needs a special kit for that. However, for a real holistic detox, our bodies need more.

With the intensive use of chemicals and pesticides in the past century, we are all now living in an environment that is contaminated by millions of different types of chemicals and pesticides. Arsenic-based pesticides and heavy metals such as mercury or lead are especially poisonous. It is almost impossible to inhale air, drink water, and ingest food that is toxin free. After many years of exposure to these environmental toxins, our body can become toxified and generate many health issues with numerous different symptoms.


The Wei-Detox program employs Chinese herbal formulas that help facilitate the organs to detoxify themselves, assist the liver in processing these wastes molecules from fat soluble molecules to water soluble molecules, and support the kidneys to filter them out the body. The herbal ingredients also help enhance the functionality of our body organs. With the use of Wei detox products, you will experience a boost in overall energy, impovement in emotional wellbeing, enhanced digestion, and an increase in mental clarity.


Introducing the Wei Detox program. Not only does this program address the basics of flushing out toxins throughout every organ system, but it also addresses the damage those toxins have inflicted upon the body. The Wei Detox supports TOTAL body detoxification, while also clearing pathogenic bacteria and repairs organ structure to improve the overall functionality.


The Wei DetoxTM program employs Chinese herbal formulas that:

  • help facilitate the organs including the digestive tract, lungs, heart, blood and lymphatic systems, the urinary tract and female or male reproductive system to release the accumulated toxins,
  • assist the liver in processing the toxins to non-toxic compounds, and
  • support the kidneys to filter the toxins out the body. The herbal ingredients also help
  • support the repair of any injury or damage to the organs caused by the toxins and improve its functionality.

With Wei detox program, your body will become free of toxins and your health will be elevated to the next level.


Here are the two options that are available:


14 Day Detox Program for the Digestive Tract, Liver, and Kidneys


The Wei DetoxTM 14-day Program consists of the digestive tract, liver, and kidney detox using three products including WeiDetox-GITM, WeiDetox-LiverTM, and WeiDetox-KidneyTM. The detox is a two-week program which begins with the digestive tract detox for the first 7 days, followed by the liver and kidney detox together for the following 7 days.


28 Day Detox Program for the Blood, Lungs, Heart, Lymphatic, and Female or Male Reproductive System

If the toxins have not accumulated to a level which affects other systems, the GI, liver, and kidney detox should yield satisfactory results when the toxins are released. However, if the toxin level is kept too high for an extended period, toxins may have accumulated in other systems. In this case, the 28 day Wei Detox program is needed. In the 28- day program, each organ will be detoxed with the liver and kidneys being detoxed twice.


The program begins with the GI detox for the 1st week followed by liver, kidney and lung detox on the 2nd week; and the blood, heart, and lymphatic system on the 3rd week. The 4th and final week of the detox involves the male or female reproductive system detox together with the 2nd detox of the liver and kidney. Since almost all of our organ's toxins released from the detox process will be dumped into our blood circulatory system, a second detox of the liver and kidneys is necessary during the 4th week to support the liver and kidneys in processing and secreting out these toxins.


If you need help to assess which of these two option is best for your individual case, schedule a free phone consultation.