Homeopathy over Conventional Medicine

  1. Homeopathy stimulates your own immune system to cure itself. 
  2. Homeopathic medicines do not have side effects and are extremely safe. 
  3. Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine. It seeks to assist our body, in contrast to conventional medicines, which work against it.
  4. More and more people are getting interested in treating themselves naturally and holistically, and do not feel comfortable with chemical drugs that will cause side effects in the long run.
  5. Homeopathy restores balance to the whole person (the entire organism) and therefore can treat the person mentally, emotionally and physically. Patients will not only rid themselves of a chronic or acute physical ailment; they will feel healthier emotionally and mentally.
  6. Homeopathy not only eliminates the disease—it can bring a state of health, happiness and creativity to one’s life.

Why Do You Need Our Help and Service?

Holistic vs Conventional Health Care



  • Utilizes diet change and supplements.

  • Turns the body's pH alkaline.

  • Eliminates acidic breeding ground utilized by all diseases.

  • Based on the "New Biology", by Dr. Robert O. Young.


  • Utilizes prescription drugs.

  • Turns the body's pH acidic.

  • Attempts to control disease effects, not causes.

  • Sometimes results in serious side effects.



Emotional Freedom


  • Resolves emotionally based problems in one or two sessions.

  • Results usually permanent.

  • Costs much less than repeated, long term sessions.



  • Usually requires long term counseling sessions.

  • Results vary.

  • Costs considerably more than EFT, with or without insurance.


  • Utilizes small amounts of natural, inexpensive substances to stimulate the body to heal itself.

  • No adverse affects.

  • Costs less than the total health insurance co-pays of repeated office visits and recommended drugs.


  • Usually involves expensive drugs that only help control the symptoms.

  • Often results in severe side affects or dangerous surgical procedures.

  • Usually requires expensive medical insurance, office visit co-pays and drug co-pays.

When Do You Need Our Help and Service?

  • You are faced with an emotional or physical health issue.

  • Want to lose weight.

  • Want to reduce stress.

  • Want to perfect your health through natural means.

  • You feel lost at the vast selection of natural products and therapies available - and don’t know what is best for you.

  • All your lab tests come back fine, yet you still have symptoms.

  • You are concerned that the side effects of your drugs may be worse than the disease.

  • You have tried a lot of nutritional supplements without noticeable results.

  • You are looking for a natural health expert or a holistic practitioner that will answer your questions and work with you.

  • You need a personalized plan that meets and evolves with your unique health needs.

Whether you are a resident of Orange County, CA, or an internet customer halfway around the world, you are not alone. You have come to the right place for one-on-one help and services individually tailored for every client. We will provide a safe, supportive environment and provide information for you to make positive decisions concerning your health issue. Privacy and confidentiality when dealing with your health issue are assured. You will get full support from us!


*Ela Corcoran is a homeopathic practitioner but not a medical doctor. You consult with her simply for her personal opinion, ideas and personal experience. Any action or inaction as a consequence of your consultation is undertaken entirely at your own risk and liability.